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The expertise of a licensed professional architect may benefit your project even if not required by state law or local jurisdiction.

California law defines the practice of architecture as the planning of sites, and the design, in whole or in part, of buildings or groups of buildings and structures. Any person who uses the title of architect, or advertises to provide architectural services in California, must be licensed as an architect by the California Architects Board.

Obtaining an architect’s license requires an individual to demonstrate competence by passing a national examination, a Supplemental Examination required by the State of California, as well as providing evidence of at least eight years of education and/or experience (which includes completion of a structured intern development program requiring 5,600 hours of experience).

Individuals are tested for competence in the following areas:

  • applicable codes and regulations, and assistance in the governmental review process;
  • investigation, evaluation, consultation, and advice;
  • planning, schematic and preliminary studies, designs, working drawings, and specifications;
  • coordination of services and/or documents by technical and special consultants;
  • technical assistance in the preparation of bid documents and agreements between clients and contractors;
  • contract administration;
  • and construction observation.

Adapted from California Architects Board